The board

Mirka Taco

Treasurer V.A.S. Arashi 2020-2021

Kite Sauër

Chairman V.A.S. Arashi 2021-2022

Anna Mae van de Peut

Secretary V.A.S. Arashi 2021-2022

Bar commisioner V.A.S. Arashi 2021-2022

We are the board of Arashi. We started in May 2021. Our main job is to manage the association, but the real reason we became board, is to support the amazing community of Arashi.

Arashi is not just a group of Martial Artists, but Arashi is more like a family that loves to share their interesting sports with each other to develop ourselves into full fledged black belts.Our main focus during our board period will thus be the reinforcement of this community. To support friendship inside the club, and outside of the training.

For aren’t your best friends, the friends that you would absolutely trust to (not?) punch you in the face?

To make this happen we are going to organize many activities in the upcoming year and have lots of drinks with y’all!

We hope to see you all during our activities and during the training!