Taekwondo examinations

Every half year examinations take place to get a higher belt. During these examinations, taekwondokas show whether they meet the requirements to get a higher belt. A starting taekwondoka receives their white belt when they purchase their dobok.


Within taekwondo there are belt degrees (Geups) these range from white to red-black. These degrees can be acieved within the club. Once you have received your 1st geup, then you can go for the black belt (1st dan). The examination for the 1st dan is a national examination that takes place in front of 3 juries.

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The dan degrees range from the 1st dan up until the 9th dan. All these examinations take place either nationally or internationally.

Examination requirements
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Besides the 5 pracical components mentioned above, there is a theoretical component.

This document containts “all” theory you need to know:

Theory of taekwondo

This document contains the theory for the lower belts:

Theory of taekwondo – lowerbelts