KICK-IN 2021


KICK-IN 2021

Hey Arashika’s,

The Kick-In happened last week, as many of you may have noticed. The opportunity to find new arashi friends among the many new students that flood the campus. It was a hectic week, with some amount of total chaos, yet Arashi definitely took its opportunity. Arashi experimented with a do-group and during 4 different days, Arashi was there to entertain the new students. Arashi lured students with its own large blue judo mascot Luuk Okkerman to our stand (trap), where a hunting party of social hungry Arashi volunteers was ready with fun conversations, Qr-codes, flyers and a pen and paper to capture our prospecting Arashika’s. As if that was not enough, our own Pukulan trainer Ron joined during the days cultivate the new students with amazing demo’s and lessons about Pukulan.

On the sports day Arashi hosted an amazing demonstration during the sport brunch with throws, locks, punches, kicks and anything that an Arashika can do and will learn! This was such an amazing success thanks to our trainers and the demonstration teams. With our spectacular show we managed to pull the crowd from their lunch closer to our podium. One of the most heard responses we got right after the demo, where can we find you? Right after the demo we were to be found at the sports games, where we played water balloon ninja.  This was a huge success, so much so, that it cost us quite a while to find all the water balloons after the games.

After the dust had settled down it was time to count the results. Over 150 students have shown their interest, so hold your horses and prepare for the introduction training! This would have never been possible without the amazing volunteers and our great trainers. Dear volunteers and trainers, thank you very very much! All and all, the Kick-In was crazy, hectic, but above all a great success.

Arashi has shown who it is!

The event is finished.


Aug 25 2021 - Sep 02 2021


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