The KIAI is the committee that takes care of Arashi’s presence during the Kick-In.

The AcCie is the committee that organizes all activities and more. And the best part is: the more people are in the AcCie, the more people there are to help out and come up with crazy ideas.

The DPR, which officially stands for Densho & Promotion committee, is the team that works on both this booklet and the promotional materials Arashi uses.

The WebCie makes sure that Arashi’s website, e-mail, photo gallery, members database, cloud and other systems keep working as intended.

The biggest team within Arashi, and not unimportant either. It might seem trivial to some, doing a shift behind the bar every now and then, but quite a chunk of Arashi’s finances come from the days we keep the ‘Sportkantine’ open for business.

The PapArashi! takes care of making pictures and videos during activities. These are the people that makes the content for the social media platforms of Arashi.

The Tatakai takes care of organizing V.A.S. Arashi tournaments.

Consists of (former) members that give advice to the current board if necessary

The KasCo is Arashi’s audit committee, meaning they check the books and the treasurer’s work to make sure Arashi’s numbers stay in the black.