V.A.S. Arashi was founded in 1964 and is therefore one of the oldest sports associations of the University of Twente. We are a martial arts association that facilitates training for Jiu-jitsu, Taekwondo, Judo and Pukulan and we have our own dojo which is located at the heart of the campus at the University of Twente.

With now over a 100 members, we make sure to keep the community engaged with our sports and a wide variety of activities.

Would you like to promote your company, institution or organization? Our association is one of the only student sports associations that offers four martial arts, making it an excellent place to reach more people. We offer a selection of opportunities to promote your company, institution or organisation.

" We are looking for sponsors so we can offer more support to our members and allow them to train better with high quality equipment and training "

What do we offer?

Promotion on our website

Your logo will be displayed on the sponsor page and the main page. And it redirects to the website of your establishment. It will also be possible to add a small description right under your logo on the sponsor page, for an added small compensation.


Newsletter Section

Our monthly newsletter is sent to all the members of our association by email. This newsletter is a great tool to promote yourself in our association.


Social media post

Our Instagram profile is meant for more than to keep our members up to date. With over 600 followers, you will be reaching a substantial group of people for whatever promotion purposes.



Every half year, we update our association posters around the university. Your logo on our posters is a great opportunity to get exposure on campus.


Section in Densho

Every half-year, The Densho, Arashi’s magazine, is published. This will be distributed to all our members and donors and shared with those that attend the KICK-IN. A fantastic opportunity to get the attention.


Exclusive event

As Arashi, we are a community, and we make sure to facilitate many events every year to keep our members engaged in more ways than just practicing martial arts. You can sponsor one of our events and we will promote your name exclusively at this event.


Our offered packages

Do you have the desire to promote your brand at or through or association in more ways than one? We recommend you choose one of our packages!

White belt


When you start a martial art you begin as a white belt. It is the root where all the novice martial artists come from and the perfect way to humbly help your establishment grow and expand to the next level. The White Belt package gives a small bonus on the individual products.

● Logo and link on our website

● One section in our newsletter

Blue belt


Crossing into the zone between novice and master, many martial artists often find themselves wearing the blue belt. In line with this symbolism, this bundle offers is for partners that feel comfortable expanding their presence even further within our association.


● Logo, link and a short description of your company on our website

● One section in our newsletter

● One social media post

● A3 poster in our Dojo

Black belt


This is every martial artist’s first goal. After years of training and dedication, students of martial arts acquire their Black Belt. A Black Belt is a real deal, but only the start of a journey to become a real master. What will you get?

● Logo, link and a short description of your company on our website
● One instagram post

● A section in our magazine

● Your company name on our event


Other opportunities

Every year, Arashi also attends events in all of Twente. For example at the University of Twente, KICK-IN and the Batavieren race. Promoting your brand during these events through our association allows you to reach a wider audience. Contact us if your are interested!




For any inquiries please email