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Awesome that you are interested in becoming a member at Arashi!

First, we have some information about the membership, contribution and general information that is important for you Arashi membership. If you already made up your mind and want to join directly, you can scroll down.


Everyone can join up to four trial trainings before deciding whether to join the association. These four trainings are free of charge.

Sign up here!

Mail for more information.

It is possible to become a member as a UT-Student, UT-employees, externals and alumni. 

The contribution for 2021-2022 is €90,-. One can obtain an active-member-discount up to €60,- see the next section for more information. 

The collection of the contribution fees and fees for given services is done through the payment approval you have given to Arashi upon your sign-up form. 

As a member you may participate in all the sports Arashi offers.

This is different from the Student Union card and the Association fee!
It is mandatory to pay these to be able to sport at the sports center (this is the same for every association). These fees will be payed to the student union and the sports center, not to us!

An active member discount give you a maximum of €60 discount per year (a reduction from €90 to €30 per year). You get this reduction by being active in Arashi. For example joining a committee. You earn up to €15 discount per half year per committee. For example, to get the full discount you could choose to join two committees for a full year.*


The board of Arashi is allowed to grant up to €45 discount to members who have made themselves deserving in a manner that is not described by any of the above activities. The discount per committee can be found in the “Huishoudelijk Reglement” HR document.

*Members of the BarCo receive a discount of €7.50 for each shift participated in, up to the maximum discount of €30.

If you really want to leave us, you can send an email to with your request for canceling your membership.

Sign up

In just a few steps you can become a member of V.A.S. Arashi!

  1. Download the enrolment form and fill the form
  2.  Either print the form and sign it or sign it with a digital signature (you can use this or another program/app for digital signatures)
  3. Deliver the form at the mailbox of V.A.S. Arashi at the sports center or mail it to
  4. Buy a Union Card/Campus Card and pay the association fee here
    • Go to and log in with your account
    • Go to ‘profile’ and then to ‘Organizations’
    • Choose ‘V.A.S. Arashi’ at ‘Register with an organization’ and click on ‘save’
    • Your request must be accepted, this takes about 2 days. When this is done, you can pay the Arashi
      association fee (‘Verenigingsheffing’ in Dutch) and buy the UnionCard.
    • Go to ‘What’s on offer’ and click on ‘Select organization’ and choose V.A.S. Arashi. Know you can
      select the ‘Arashi fee’ and the ‘UnionCard 2021-2022′ and add these to you shopping card.
    • Follow the payment instructions.

    The cost for 2021-2022 without any discount will therefore be:

    Union card (paid to SU)           € 28,50
    Association fee (paid to SU)   € 60

    Contribution (paid to Arashi)  € 90

  5. Once, the board processed your form you will be notified by email

Congratulations, you are now a member of V.A.S. Arashi!