Bar Team

The biggest team within Arashi, and not unimportant either. It might seem trivial to some, doing a shift behind the bar every now and then, but quite a chunk of Arashi’s finances come from the days we keep the ‘Sportkantine’ open for business. Compared to other sports clubs we have quite a large number of bar days to fill (around one every two weeks). There are several shifts during a day and we need multiple people for every shift. This means that we need a large and active barteam in order to fill them all. During a bar day the barteam, led by the BarCo (the board member in charge of the barteam), is in charge of the ‘Sportkantine’. It is like running a bar in the city, without all the stress you get from running a bar in the city. So if you are into making sure people have a good time, like interacting with people from all over the sports centre and think you have what it takes to help us land that barteam of the year award, get your ass into the barteam today!

A word from the bar commisioner

Hello, it’s your barcommissioner here to explain the importance of the bardays. So first off, what are bardays? The sports canteen of the sports centre is fully run by the members of the various sports associations we have here at the UT, and each day another association stands behind the bar. Once every few weeks it is the turn of Arashi to provide members to stand behind the bar for the day.

You can divide a barday up into three moments, the morning, afternoon, and evening. In the morning the barteam will help the work student set up and clean everything behind the bar and mostly cater towards employees and the swimming groups. The afternoon is usually quite slow besides the peak during lunch hour, and you’ll mostly be catering to the parents of the children from the swim and football school. In the evening it starts to pick up again with all the people of the sports associations coming to have a drink and a snack after training.

We don’t do these bardays for nothing, for every barday we run the association gets a financial compensation. This is either a minimum amount or the profits of that day, whatever is higher. It might happen that an association can’t find enough members to fill the entire barday schedule. If this is the case the bar commissioner will have to hire a work student to stand behind the bar instead. However, this does not come for cheap. So not being able to fill one shift of three hours will already cause the association the loose about a third of the income.

It is thus important for you as members to do a barshift every once in a while, not only for the association but also for yourself, as with the income we are able to plan more fun activities. Additionally, as an added bonus you get a discount on your membership contribution by participating!

So next time you see a message popping up about an upcoming barday please consider picking up a shift, as it will not only benefit the association but also yourself. Lastly, don’t worry if you’ve never stood behind the bar we’ll make sure you will get the proper guidance and you’ll be able to pour pitchers beer in no time.

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